US Travel Plans – Summer 2009

22 July – Arrival in Tulsa, OK, Travel to Cherryvale, KS

22 July – 25 July: Cherryvale, KS

26 July – 2 August: Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding region

2 August – 5 August: San Antonio, TX

5 August – 7 August: Austin, TX

7 August – 9 August: Cherryvale, KS

9 August – 11 August: Des Moines, IA

11 August – 14 August: Chicago, IL

14 August – 17/18 August: Kansas City, MO

18 August – 13 September: Cherryvale, KS and surrounding region

People are also always welcome to visit us at my parents’ house (that’s the one in Cherryvale, KS where we’re spending the majority of our time). It’s a great place to take a break if you need one.

So, other than Cherryvale, we are looking for cheap or free places to stay. If you know any, please let me know. Also, if you just want to hook up with us, we would love to see you. Let me know in advance when and where you are around so that we can make it happen. While we are in LA, we are planning on maybe going to Bilouxi for a night, if anyone is interested. Also, we’d like to hit NO and also take in a swamp tour, for both of which we’d like to have company, if you’d like to join us.

Got other ideas or plans you’d like to undertake with us? Let me know and we’re there.

We’re really looking forward to the trip and hope to see as many of you as possible.

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