Translating First Kings 1-15

I wrote the following paragraph in the days before lockdown began in March 2020. Today (10 July 2020) I found a few minutes to look at my blog again and think about the future of what I’m going to be doing here.

As part of a commentary project I am working on, I will be translating the various versions of 1 Kings 1-15 (particularly Hebrew and Greek). These chapters present exegetes with a variety of problems, including its existing in a number of distinct variants. For the sake of access and gaining input, I have decided to put some preliminary translations of these chapters in the various versions online as I finish them. Where possible and desired, I will try to add comments on textual and other diachronic or tradition-historical issues. My request to readers: take a look at them and pose questions about their meaning and content. Also simple stuff like typos and what not. I would appreciate feedback from experts and laypeople alike, so give me your questions and comments.

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